About Jenny

Jenny Birdsey, a retired nurse by profession, has tag heuer replica and operated the Natural Progesterone Advisory Network (NPAN) since 1998. She is the sole registered owner of this business name and organisation. Jenny, through her years, of consultancy work, has helped thousands of women get specific answers to their questions on rolex replica sale balancing by giving guidance on the use of natural progesterone. She has also helped many other health practitioners, including medical doctors, become more aware of the benefits of natural progesterone, and how to successfully use the products.

It was through her own search for health rolex replica watches for a lifetime of hormonal imbalance, that a passion was borne, which became her driving force and found its expression in the foundation of her organisation and current consultancy work. The final results of her research and consultancy are her two books. Jenny discloses her personal journey in her first book; “Natural Progesterone the world’s best kept secret”.


The information and procedures contained in the books and on this website books are based upon the research, observational data, women’s feedback and the personal and professional rolex replica uk of the author, Jenny Birdsey. The author, is not a medical practitioner. The information provided in the books and on this site is for information only and should not be regarded as a prescription for your particular needs. You should always consult your medical practitioner before adopting any suggestions found on this site or in the books.

Jenny Birdsey and her organisation will not be held responsible in anyway for the fraudulent use, or misrepresentation of any information contained within her books or website or the fraudulent use of her name, organisation, or world trade logo, NPAN.