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I have made Book 1 a free pdf download!

If you would like to order Book 2, please send me an email and I will forward you details of postage cost (usually $20 for postage within Australia) and my bank account so you can make a direct deposit.


Phone me on 03 5222 7145 or if outside of Australia +61 3 5222 7145.

If you feel you would like to support this website, I am happy to accept donations, but there is no obligation. Please email me for details as to how you can make a donation.

Other Purchasing Options

You can also purchase the books from the following stockists in Australia. Please note that the special web price of $39.95 may not apply when you buy the book from a stockist. However, it may still be more cost effective and convenient to buy from your local stockist as postage rates may not be as expensive as individually processed orders.
Please note that my books are available at $39.95 if collected from me or purchased at my seminars.

Remember! Your local library can order these books upon your request.



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